BA Testing

UABACO Company utilizes forensic breathalyzers from Alcomate that are Department Of Transportation (DOT) Approved. Alcomate is able to print results directly from the machine and provides fast accurate results of deep lung air.

UA Testing

UABACO Company has partnered with Norchem Labs, a leader in the industry for all UA testing. All UA clients must be in to office by 8:50 pm (20:50), NO EXCEPTIONS.

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Hair Follicle Testing

UABACO Company provides hair testing in partnership with Omega Labs. Hair follicle testing provides the advantages of a wider window of detection (90 days), less invasive and easier collection, and virtual elimination of test tampering. The standard hair-5 panel includes cocaine, opiates, amphetamines (including ecstasy), PCP, and marijuana.

Quick Test-drug screens

Quick test lab. The easy way to provide lab confirmed. It is easy to use.

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Additional testing available

  • UABACO offers both DOT & Non-DOT drug testing with approved MRO Laboratories such as MEDTOX.
  • We also provide other additional testing with the most accuracy and highly standard. please contact us for more information.

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