UABACO Company goal is to provide convenience for our clients. We have structured our business to make testing available when you need it, and are open Monday-Sunday 11:00 AM to Midnight. We provide results directly to your supervisor through agency log-in service, email, or mail.



UABACO Company offers a master color list that provides randomized testing for BA's, UA's, and Quick Tests.



UABACO Company is available for all court mandated testing through Pre-Trial, Probation, Department of Transportation (DOT) and Parole as well as Peer Assistance and those required by drug & alcohol agencies to complete drug testing. UABACO Company can provide indiviual testing for parents and individuals as well as pre-employment, and on-going testing for businesses. We also conduct testing for those who have to comply with Military testing.



UABACO Company is a 1900 sq. feet facility located directly across the street from McKee Medical Center. We have ample parking available, and we are on the COLT bus line. We strive to have our clients in and out as fast as possible. We have two windows open; one for BA's only and one for BA's and UA's. There are two large UA bathrooms and one bathroom available for DOT and other non-monitored UA's. All employees at UABACO LLC are mandated for random drug testing.


  • Fast accurate results
  • Focus on customer's needs
  • Power of teamwork
  • Our highly trained staff follow a strict foundation of rules and regulations to ensure that every sample is defendable in a court of law.
  • Customer satisfaction is our primary objective, as we strive to understand their needs and provide personalized support.


Monday-Saturday:11:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Sunday:11:00 AM to 6:00 PM