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BA Testing

UABACO Company utilizes forensic breathalyzers from Alcomate that are Department Of Transportation (DOT) Approved.  Alcomate is able to print results directly from the machine and provides fast accurate results of deep lung air.

UA Testing

UABACO Company has partnered with Norchem Labs, a leader in the industry for all UA testing.  All UA clients MUST be in the office by 20:50 pm (8:50 pm), NO EXCEPTIONS

  • UA 7 panel test for Barbiturates, Benzodiazepine, Cocaine, THC, Meth, Amphetamines, & Opiates.
  • UA 8 panel tests for all the above drugs as well as ETG.
  • Quick Test UA's to provide instant results for 5 to 10 of the above named drugs.
  • ETG -detects trace alcohol up to 72-96 hours after a person has ingested alcohol
  • Synthetic cannabis  Spice/K2 Panel (by LC/MS/MS) Includes:JWH-018, JWH-019, JWH-073 and JWH-250*
  • Bath Salts - designer amphetamines that are undetectable by normal testing
  • GHB - Date Rape drug panel (by LCMSMS)
  • GCMS - Chemical breakdown of the levels of the exact chemicals in the urine
  • Additional drug panel available upon request

Hair Follicle Testing

UABACO Company provides hair testing in partnership with Omega Labs. Hair follicle testing provides the advantages of a wider window of detection (90 days), less invasive and easier collection, and virtual elimination of test tampering. The standard hair-5 panel includes cocaine, opiates, amphetamines (including ecstasy), PCP, and marijuana

Electronic Monitoring Products and Services

UABACO Company is partnering with Tarheel Monitoring to offer satellite tracking GPS electronic monitoring and radio frequency (RF) electronic monitoring equipment for the private and government sector.
Services include:

  • SCRAMx
  • GPS Monitoring with BluTag Active
  • Stalker Unit/victim protection
  • RF Electronic Monitoring:  House Arrest / Electronic Home Monitoring
    • BluBand (Landline)
    • BluBand (Cellular)
  • Mini Blu GPS/with Electronic Home Monitoring - no phone required. 
  • MEMS 3000
    • Alcohol Monitoring with RF.

Steriod Testing

Anabolic steroid screen utilizing both a quick test and a lab UA


Quick Test-drug screens

  • Quick Test for both 5 and 10 panel
  • Rapid 80 Hour-ETG (Alcohol) quick test panel
  • Oral Swab - This easy to use swab can provide a lab confirmed LS/MS/MS test for either a 6 panel or 10 panel drug test.  It is easy to use, even on young children, and can be performed virtually anywhere.
QuickTest Oral_swap2       

Additional testing available

please contact us for more information

Our Mission:

Service the local community needs and improve the resident's safety by providing monitored drug testing, GPS/Electronic Monitoring that is defendable in a court of law.

Cost Effective

Low cost at or below our competitor's rate with fast accurate results in a timely fashion.

Result when you need them.

Agency log-in available for the most up to date information on your clients testing results on-line.

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